24 January 2011


Staying close with family members especially when they move across the country can be difficult thing to do.Family is family right,and when they'r close you can definitely take them for granted.Before you know it,someone has a new job,and they'r moving across the province,across the country or worse halfway across the world.Here are some basic ideas to all of my clan on how to stay close with family when you live apart:whether really far,or just a few hours away.

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Number 1: Calling each other can make a difference

                    Whether you are living a few hours from each other or across the world from one another you can always bet that they and you will have access to a telephone or celphone.What better way to keep in touch with one another than by talking with each other.It really depends on family member personalities on how much you talk with each other,some will talk daily,and yet others are satisfied with a phone call a month to really catch up on things.Phone calls are an easy and gateway to keep in touch because you can actually hear someone else talking to you.

Number 2: Try some handwriting

                    Although it may seem a bit old fashioned, writing a handwritten or even computer written letter is another way to keep in touch with family members that live far apart. You can write as often as you want. Some keep in touch by sending monthly letters with pictures, and others simple send letters once a year such a Christmas time or some other important holiday. Letter writing has become almost a lost form of communication with so much new technology available to people around the world but it is still yet another way to keep in touch.

Number 3: Technology

                  As stated before there is so much available to people world wide with the use of technology. There are many ways to communicate and keep in touch with family members using the internet today whether they live a short or far distance from you. The computer and internet have made it possible to communicate as if there are no time changes and like you were sitting right beside them. Here are a few of the ways you can use the internet to communicate with family members:
1. Email- You can use the internet to send emails back and forth between family members to help keep you informed on immediate and extended family members. Emails are the same as sending letters except you don't have to buy a stamp and they are received much quicker than a handwritten letter would be.
2. Instant Messenger- Instant messenger has also become part of a world wide way to communicate with others. It is much like talking on the phone except you are sending messages instantly via the computer to one another. Instant messenger has also come up with a way to communicate over the internet using your computer via a web cam. It's exactly like talking on the phone but you can see and hear the person you are talking to.3. Blogging- Blogging is another way to keep family members in formed of what's going on in your life. You can download pictures of your family and write journal entries about the pictures. It is much like a digital scrapbook that people can view to keep informed and communicate.
4. Networking- Large networks like MySpace and Facebook have recently become a popular way to keep in touch and find family members and friends. You can send emails and talk instantly with some of your family members, upload pictures, and let people know how you are doing that way.
These are a few ideas on how to stay close with family when you live apart from one another. Technology is becoming an increasingly popular way to stay in touch with others and stay as close as you can without actually being close to one another.

The above well-said tips are just some of the wisest and easiest way to stay close with our family.You can have your own way too you can think that suits your lifestyle,time and reasons.

My dearest clan our family is the biggest treasure that we had.Let us forget whatever dooper misunderstanding we have been into

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